Fuego is a classic battle of the bands. Bands from all across the country set the stage on fire with their electrifying performances. This year, Fuego will once again bring to you the coolest bands in Eastern India as they come together and battle it out for the first place. Fuego (The Battle of The Bands), is all set to be one of the greatest musical experiences Bhubaneswar has to offer.

Prizes Worth

₹ 40000


1.Online Elimination
2.On-Stage Finals
Elimination Round:
1.Entry into the elimination round is free for all.
2.A video recording of the entire band performing one original composition (at least 3 minutes long) in a live jam session (in a jam-room/rehearsal space) must be submitted.
3.Before beginning the song, the following must be mentioned clearly by one band member:
a.The name of the band
b.The names of each band member along with which instrument they are on
c.A few lines talking about the band and the style of music they write or are inspired by
4.The video must be no longer than a total of 9 minutes, including the time spent introducing the band.
5.The video must be uploaded to YouTube (as an unlisted video) or to Google Drive (with an open-access shareable link). While uploading the video, name it as “FUEGO19-
6.To send in the video, fill in the form at https://bit.ly/fuego-prelims and enter the link to your video.
7.The winners of the elimination round will be announced on

1.Bands who make it through the elimination round will be independently notified.
2.Each band will have to register for KIITFEST to obtain their KF ID
3.The on-stage finals will be held on 16th December 2019 at Campus 13 football ground ( Main Stage ).
4.Each band will get 20+5 minutes to perform. 5 minutes will be allotted for setup and soundcheck, and 20 for the performance.
5.Each band is required to play at least 2 songs out of which one is an original composition. The OC (original composition) may be the same as the one sent in the elimination round.
6.The songs must be in either English or Hindi. No other languages will be permitted.

DISCLAIMER: Organizers have the right to modify the event structure without any prior notification.


1.An individual(excluding the vocalist) can be a member of a maximum of 2 bands.
2.A band can have members from more than one institution.
3.Purely classical performances will not be allowed. However classical fusion will be permitted.
4.Backing tracks are prohibited. However, the use of VSTs through MIDI is allowed
5.Bands must bring their instruments and equipment. Fuego will only provide a basic drum kit including cymbals(hi-hats, crash & ride) and a single bass pedal, microphones, amplifiers and the required plug-ins for the instrument and gear.
6.Obscenity (at the discretion of the judges) is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification.
7.Participants will be penalized for exceeding the time limit. An indicator will be given 1 minute before time is up.
8.The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
9.Band members will be held fully responsible for any damage to property caused by them.

Band Size
1.The band must have a minimum of 3 members including at least 1 vocalist and 1 drummer/percussionist.
2.The band can have a maximum of 8 members.


PRATYAY NAG- 9556102032
SHIB SANKAR ROY- 6290532749