MIRROR MAZE 6.0 a maze made up of mirrors with various hurdles & points within it. The objective of a team is to collect the maximum points in the smoothest way in a stipulated time period by their wired/wireless bots. The more your bot collects points the more is your probability to grab the top spot...

Prizes Worth

₹ 25000


Group Event..


1) There will be a maze of wood with dimensions 12x15 sq.ft.
2) The maze would have obstacles like speed breakers, bumps, obstacles & water (or non-Newtonian fluid) patches.
3) Each participant has to start at a fixed position (mentioned by the organisers) while traversing the maze.
4) A team of max. 5 participants is allowed..
5) Only one person per team will be allowed to manage the wire (only if bot is wired) & only two would be allowed to control the bot. The other members would be sitting by the controller facing their laptops thereby seeing the live feed. The person managing the wire is strictly prohibited to convey any information regarding the layout & placement of point blocks (which could result in disqualification).
6) The controller would be allowed 20s just before the start of their turn to observe the maze & positions of the point blocks.
7) Any damage to the arena will result in direct disqualification.
8) Teams with maximum points qualify for the next round.
9) Blocks of certain points would be placed at random positions in the maze before a team starts its turn (Weird block = 25 point, Creepy block = 50 point, Jackpot block = 100 point).
10) The points will be awarded on time basis and total number of blocks touched by the bot.
11) Teams with maximum points qualify for the next round.
12) Each team gets 3 skip options. It can only be applied when a bot is unable to cross any obstacle or if the controller wishes to skip the obstacle (No negative markings for first two skips,5 point would be deducted in case of 3rd skip).
13) In case the controller wishes to skip the water(or non-Newtonian fluid) patch 10 points would be deducted from the total score. Any damage to the bot caused while crossing this patch is solely the teams responsibility.
14) However this skip option is not available in the jackpot region.
15) If the controller wishes to skip other blocks,5 point would be deducted for each block. 
16) Touching the glass wall also results in a negative marking of 2 marks. If no. of touches exceeds 15 ,that will be considered as direct disqualification.
17) Each team can avail 2 technical time-out(each of 30 sec) per round.
18)Further rules of qualifying rounds would be disclosed on spot.
1) A trial case of 20 seconds will be allowed to the individual teams to check the maze.
2) A participant can avail maximum upto 3 skips per round, which can be opted only if the bot freezes on spot.
3) All teams would be awarded 25 points initially only if it satisfies the dimension criteria.
4) A tolerance of 20cm + 4cm (bot width) will be allowed for participating in the event, however the team would lose the initial 25 points in that case.
5) There would be a total of 2 rounds : Individual teams would be participating one by one & the top teams scoring the most points in the specified time for the round will get qualified for the next round. Two bots would be participating simultaneously from 2 random extreme points in the maze. The bot securing most points in the given time span of the round qualifies for the next round. An addition of 30 points would be awarded if the bot exits the maze in the given time span. Occurrence of will be decided on the no. of teams winning in
6) Ramming of the wall (by bot or by the participant) would directly result in a deduction of 10 marks.
7) Each team is allowed only 1 technical timeout per round and this rule is applicable only if the coordinators find the case to be relevant.
8) All rules & marking schemes are subjected to change before the starting of competition.
9)Detailed marking scheme would be disclosed to the participants just before the commencement of the event....


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