Buzz Write-Year will witness an amalgamation of three rounds, ready to test your know-how of the world of literature, and your writing dexterity. The participants can use either English or Hindi as their language, and will have to continue throughout the competition in that language only.

Prizes Worth

₹ 8000


The event will be consisting of three rounds:
1st Round: BUZZINGA (The Literary Quiz)
2nd Round: JOIN THE DOTS (The Video Interpretation Round)
3rd Round: OPPOSITE ATTRACTS (The micro-tale round)

Each and every round is an elimination round and participants qualifying the round will only proceed to the next round as in order.

DISCLAIMER: Organizers have the right to modify the event structure without any prior notification.


BUZZINGA (The quiz competition):

1. Team size: 2 (Participants without a team partner shall turn up on the day of the event and he/she shall be provided with a partner).
2. The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.
3. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic devices.
4. The audience should not provide any hint or clue to the competitors.
5. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
6. This round will be a rapid fire round, each team will get 30 seconds and have to answer as many questions as possible.

JOIN THE DOTS (The Video Interpretation Round):

1. Join the Dots will be an event of a video interpretation and incorporating a random photograph in that write-up.
2. A video of 2-3 minutes, consisting of a number of random unrelated clips will be shown and the participants will have to write a story or poem based on that. This round will be of 25 minutes.
3. After 25 minutes, a random image (unrelated to the shown video) will be shown and the participants will have to incorporate that image in their write-up. 15 minutes will be given for the completion of this round.
4. This entire event will be of 40 minutes.
5. The event can be in either Hindi or English, whatever the participants are comfortable with.

OPPOSITE ATTRACTS (The Micro Tale Competition):

1. Opposites Attract will be an event of micro-tales and the interpretation of one’s imagination on a given subject matter.
2. Round 1- A phrase will be given and its meaning explained. A micro-tale of 30 words has to be penned down depicting the antonymous meaning of the phrase.
3. Round 2- An object will be shown and a write-up (story or poem) interpreting the object in a different way than its obvious depiction, has to be fabricated.
4. This entire event can be in either Hindi/English as per the comfort-zone of the participant.


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MANASWITA SAHA- 9830485976