Jugaad out of Kabaad


Use your creativity and find the best out of waste. Unwanted materials or “garbage” will be provided using which the
participants should use their creativity to make wonderful items to impress the judges and win exciting cash prizes. Make a functional, innovative and useful model.

Prizes Worth

₹ 25000


Group Event...


1. Time allotted for the event -24 hours.
2. Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 people can form a group for this event.
3. 5 materials will be provided (1 base material and 4 secondary or side materials).
Apart from these 5 materials you can use as many additional materials as you want.
4. Participants can use as many materials as they want of their own choice( at their
own expense), which they have to inform at the time when the 5 materials are given.
5. The base materials shall be assigned on the basis of a lucky draw.
6. They can use colors, glitters and other decorative items (shall not be provided by the
7. Participants should be present 30 minutes before the day of the event.
8. Participants are only allowed to make meaningful models.
9. Participants are to be instructed to make a speech describing their model and what influenced them to make it.
10. College ID and registration card must be carried by all the participants when they report.
11. Participants are not allowed to make any model which might incite hatred and violence among others.....


Sanjana- 8787697078
Sohaumn- 9674868135