Robo Triathlon


Robots will score goals, go through the hardest
terrain and face each other in the final round in
Sumo style...

Prizes Worth

₹ 35000


Group Event..


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Objective :- Its time that robots take over. Design a manually controlled bot, which can push or shoot(shooting mechanism) a medium sized ball and score some handful goals for you, also train your big boy toy durable to survive through rugged terrains and clear all the hurdles and in the end which will show a tight wrestling ability in the arena of sumo-wrestling. Gear up and pull your socks up and build a bot which is brisk as well as strong enough to overcome all the hurdles. Let the game begin…..
Bot Specification :- The Bot can undergo changes according to each round but the weight and dimensions cant change through out all the rounds once participated. The changes in the bot (if made any) need to be informed to the event co-ordinators .
i) Height- 30 cm.
ii)Length- 30 cm.
iii)Width- 30 cm.
iv)Weight- 3 kg.
v)Battery Rating – 12V/5A
vi)No. of motors – 4(additional 1 can be used for shooting purpose)
vii)All the above dimensions are maximum, failure to which disqualifications shall be taken into effect.
viii) Each team can have a maximum of 4 members.
ix) Customised motors or high rated (max voltage rating-12V & current rating- 5amp) are strictly not allowed.

i) Robo Soccer :- This is the qualifier round. The bot will have to shoot a medium sized ball towards a goal. The bot can also push the ball to exert a certain force for the ball to reach the goal.
Rules :-
● Each team will get 5 points from which the bot has to shoot the ball or push to score the goal.
● Maximum 2 members shall be allowed close to the field for operating the bot.
● Each team will be given a time interval of 5 minutes to shoot from each point, excluding which penalty will be incurred.
● Bots that will be using pushing mechanism can take a maximum run up of 40 cm. And the bots which will be using shooting mechanism will get a smaller distance to shoot from, comparatively.
● There should not be any loop to hold the ball tight and the front hand like extensions (if having) should have a gap of minimum 10 cm. So that the ball can easily move.
● Any act of misbehaviour or misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the team.
● In case of any discrepancy, the final decision rests in the hands of co-ordinators.
● Any battery or eliminator will not be provided. Members are required to bring their own battery or power source.
● If any damage is incurred on the arena by the bot , the team will be disqualified .
● This round is similar to penalty shoot outs.
● If any Technical problem arises, time compensation shall be given.

ii) Robo Hurdle Sprint :-
This is the elimination round. The bot needs to do some tasks while racing against time on a rugged terrain.
Rules :-
● The team qualified Round 1 will be playing this round.
● The bot will have to perform some tasks like pushing a cube to the given code.
● The bot will have to go through uneven surfaces like inclined planes, zig-zag paths, sand, oil etc.
● The whole path needs to be completed for qualifying to the next level.
● The scoring will be based on the time taken to complete the path.
● If the bot crosses the given path, penalty will be held. If the bot goes completely out of the arena the team will be disqualified.
● In case, if there is any technical problem, a technical break will be provided, it will be given only once for each team.
● Depending on the score in the last round, a bonus time out can be awarded, though the final decision will be of the co-ordinators.
● Only two members of the team will be allowed close to the arena for controlling the bot.
● Each hurdle will provide points, lesser the time consumed to complete the tasks more will be the bonus points.
● If the arena gets damaged by the bot, the team will be disqualified.
● Arena will be disclosed only few moments before the round.
iii) ROBO SUMO :- This is the final round of the event. Two bots will face each other for a sumo type wrestling.
Rules :-
● Two teams who have qualified round 2 will face each other for a sumo wrestling.
● Points will be scored on pushing the opponent bot out of the arena.
● The teams need to score their points within 5 minutes, if there is no scoring within 5 minutes then a new gameplay will come into the picture, this part of the game and its rules will be disclosed in final only.
● If the bots get stuck to each other and are not able to move, then there will be a new start .
● If any major part of the bot gets broken, a technical timeout will be provided (only once).
● Small timeout will be provided on other technical issues.
● Two members from each team will be allowed close to the arena for controlling the bot.
●At any point of the game, if there is any discrepancy the decision taken by the coordinators will be final.


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Sarnajit Santra- 8820367292