Do you ever wonder why Vasco Da Gama ended up discovering India? What was so special about a rarely known piece of land that the world went bonkers on finding it?
*Spices aka Masala.*
Masala adds taste to anything you eat. We want to discover the Masterchef inside you. Participate in this event to have some fun and play with food with some creative and innovative cuisines of your choice. So, take out the cutlery, strap on the apron, pack all of the ingredients and add a pinch of your secret! Light the burner, smoke the chimney, stir the pan and taste that gravy.
Ladies and gentlemen, KIITFEST6.0 is providing you an amazing platform Mismatch 6.0 for innovative, talented students to compete with a rush to create absolute beauties with their knowledge and skill set.

Prizes Worth

₹ 30000


Total 3 Round:
1st Round - ONE MINUTE
2nd Round - BLINDFOLD
3rd Round - LIVE COOKING

Day 1
Round 1: ONE MINUTE : A quiz will be held in the first round. The scope of the quiz will be based on exquisite cuisines found across the globe.
Time duration: 1 minute for each question.
Round 2: BLINDFOLD : The ones who will pass the first round will progress to the second round which is blindfold food tasting. The participants will be blindfolded and will be put in front of a table which will contain different plates. On each plate, there is a different item. The participant will be asked to taste the item and identify maximum item in minimum time.

Day 2
Final round: LIVE COOKING: This will be followed by a cooking competition wherein, the participants will have to come up with a dish provided with challenges that will be given to them and perform live cooking.

Time duration: 45 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: Organizers have the right to modify the event structure without any prior notification.


1. Top 20 teams will be selected from 1st Round according to their knowledge regarding food
2. Participants with maximum correct answers will qualify for 2nd round.
3.Out of which 5 teams who will be able to identify the most number of items while being blindfolded make their way to the finals.
Professional chefs from reputed hotels of Bhubaneswar will be judging the final round of mismatch based on Preparation Method,
4.Knowledge, Creativity, Taste and Quality of the dishes prepared by the teams.


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